New Website! New Me!

Oh my goodness!! Taking on this new rebranding thing has truly been a challenge. But I am very pleased to say "I did it!" it almost feels as good as saying "We're debt free!" (this one is for all you Dave Ramsey listeners!)

Anywho.. Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog. I am committing myself to post on a regular bases. I am challenging myself to be more proactive with my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. For all those awesome people who know me...I see many heads shaking... they know I am not someone who is a social media guru. I lack so much knowledge when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the internet. I always ask one of my co-workers, hubby, and kids how to use my phone or one of those social media apps that them young folks are using. Yes I am 38 and technologically challenged (to some extent).

But as of today I will no longer be! I promise to you Photog lover that I will post as much as possible. That my posts will be fun. That I will learn how to engage the world with my new photographic adventures. I promise to engage you with quirky comments followed by bad sentence structure. I promise to always be passionate about my photography as well as my videography. And I promise to you and the world that I will always challenge myself to look at the world as the largest canvas for inspiration. 

And with that said Welcome to my blog! And thank you for taking this crazy ride with me!