From Nueva Cuidad Guerero to Tucson.

The beautiful Familia Lopez comes from Nueva Cuidad Guerero, Mexico. The family's trip to Tucson was not a vacation but a visit to support and console my brother's family. Their presence was much needed and much appreciated.

The family's story also has had some tragedy. They too like so many of us, have little angels that now reside in the heavens. Their faces and hearts do not show despair or anger. Their positive attitudes have inspired me and have given me a different type of strength.

As you can guess their good hearts won me over immediately. Brenda, the mother, is a wedding videographer and photographer in Mexico. To my surprise she stated she had not ever taken a family portrait. EVER?? What?? Well that was no good and not acceptable. Luckily my mom informed me and I volunteered to take pictures of their daughter and of the family together. It is my honor to present their session. I admire this family so much and I am grateful to have met them.