Back from hiding.... I hope!

It is nice to be back! I apologize for not blogging in a long time. Life happened and it wasn't pretty. My niece passed away recently. She was only four years but she sure had an impact on so many lives. This post is very difficult to write because of the memories that are involved.

Mili was born as the third grandchild in our family. Her birth was awesome because our family was growing. Grandparents were super excited and couldn't wait to pamper and spoil another grandchild. Her little life soon became complicated with seizures. She wasn't even ONE! Her little life was spent in hospitals and with doctors and nurses. As a parent this is hard to take. But her parents are fighters and kept fighting to figure what was going on with Mili. About a year ago (or more not sure) a doctor found a tumor in Mili's head. The doctor successfully removed the tumor but unfortunately the tumor was cancerous. Mili would have to go through many months of chemo. The last chemo session did not go so well. After that it was a spiral of bad news after bad news. 

Mili's voyage on this planet ended very shortly but she is missed by many friends and family members.