Growing up way to fast...

Any parent knows that children grow up way to fast. We tell ourselves that it is very important for our children to become self sufficient and mature so they can survive on their own. We tell ourselves that it is extremely significant that our children become successful human beings who can impact the world and make it a better place for future generations. In reality we are all lying to ourselves. We want to be selfish and keep our kids frozen and never see them grow up (or see ourselves grow old), while keeping them to ourselves. We want our kids to always stay at the age they are living at this very moment. We love our memories but we want to be able to hold, carry, and give piggyback rides forever. Ok maybe not all parents are as selfish as I am but you all know what I mean :)

As I see my children grow more and more I get so super nostalgic. Anyone who knows me knows how sentimental and mushy I am (for goodness sake I cried the first 5 seconds of the Lion King and Inside Out! Yes the first 5 seconds of each movie!) I am very proud of the fact that I am a mother (and that I have a hubby who is an excellent father). I am also very proud of how creative and crazy my kids are about life and their imagination. But I can’t stop thinking about tomorrow and how one day the house will no longer have echoes of laughter and cries. I think about how the small hallway leading to our toy room will be lonely and quiet (and then I chuckle because I think it will be clean.)

What a sap RIGHT! Well I am here to send out hugs to all parents because I know you feel the same. And isn’t it the most awesome feeling…well when we are not crying and tissues aren’t covering the bedroom floor. But seriously kids do grow up to fast. Just like we did, just like our parents did, and just like parents before them did as well.

So a hug to all you sappy parents who share the same nostalgic feelings that I do. We will all make great grandparents because we will torture our children for growing up. How? By giving our grandkids non-stop candy and letting them stay up till midnight while eating ice cream! Remember to spoil those grand-kids! That will teach our kids for growing up so fast…hehehe.