The beauty in getting ready

Weddings can be such a stressful mess for brides. The second the bride sits down to get pampered and dolled up is very important. This moment is the one quiet moment where a bride is being oohed and ahhed over how beautiful she looks, how excited tonight will be, how she will forever remember the moment when her husband looks at her and the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter.

I also enjoy the connection between the bride and her lady guests. Mothers watch proudly and tell stories. Maids of honors are running back and forth making sure the brides are happy. Sisters, aunts, cousins stop by and give kisses. And then the father comes in and the waterworks come out.

Honestly, some of my favorite wedding memories are created in those little "get ready" rooms. So many new memories are made. It truly is amazing. Here are some of my favorite getting ready moments.

2013_ortiz_wedding (45 ).jpg