Little Artists take over the playground

I love to volunteer at my kids schools. I specially love to volunteer my photography knowledge to those who want to learn about photography. A couple years back my son's preschool teachers asked me if I could teach the students how to take pictures with a shoebox. First I had never ever taken a picture with a shoebox. Second I had to teach preschoolers how to wait for 20 to 30 seconds to take one picture and THEN develop that picture. This would be the largest project and challenge of my life.

For those who know me super well know how I love challenges and love to make my life difficult by never saying no.

I took on the challenge. I had such a blast! I taught my son and his classmates science, math, and ART! I felt like a superhero. I had these amazing powers that no one else (in the room) had. The kids were so amazing. They had so much fun. They all talked about how they used their parents phones to take pictures. Their enthusiasm was fantastic. (I was afraid they would be bored and that they would not learn anything) I also had them photograph their favorite spot, their playground. That was like icing on the cake for them.

This year is my second year teaching kids about shoebox photography. I loved seeing how enthusiastic the kids (including my son) got when they saw their pictures develop in front of their own little eyes. "How does that happen?", How does the water make the picture? Is that my picture? Did I make that picture?" Their reactions were so much appreciated.

I love children and feel so blessed that I have three little eager beavers running around my house. I love that I am able to volunteer at their schools and that I am able to show other children how exciting photography is. It is always so beautiful to see how art can make an impact on young eyes. Who knows, maybe some of those kids become our future Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, or Annie Leibovitz.

I can say that I am proud to have exposed them to something different and something new. (Thank you Ms. Marcia, Ms. Chelsea, and Ms. Victoria)

Here are some of the art work created by the students: (The kids are entering their artwork to our local Fair. Good luck little dragons!)