Catching up with life and work

This year has been very productive and very busy for me. I photographed weddings, babyshowers, senior portraits, family sessions, birthdays, and special events. On my personal side I have volunteered for various projects for my children's school, projects for friends, and tried to catch up on cleaning, and being a good parent. Super busy!! Yes!

I thought summer would be the perfect time to catch up with everything and finally rest and spend summer with my kids. Well, I was incorrect. hehehe. I gave myself more projects. WOW I think I have lost it. But honestly, instead of freaking out and panicking about deadlines, I have felt super grateful. I love that I have photographed so many memories. I love that I have made extra income to take my kids and hubby out for dinner or a movie. I love that I can buy plants that will grow in my garden. Life is super good! It really is.

I am balancing life and work by remembering that each day is great and that I am grateful. I take my time to enjoy what I am doing but I also remind myself that deadlines are important too.

If you are stressed about your projects or you just don't feel motivated step away. Think about how excited you were when you took this project/job on. Think about how this job can open doors for future jobs to come. GO for a swim or do some type of excersise. Enyoy a tall glass of lemonade or wine. Then come back and tell yourself you are gonna rock this project!

That is how you catch up with life and work. and that is how you enjoy what you want to do.